Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OHP: Las Vegas Edition

Happy Friday Wednesday y'all! Tomorrow is the day. Vegas is here. I can't believe it. Seriously. SO. Freaking. Excited. My focus will probably be lacking at work today while I think about all the little bits that I need to tie up tonight since I'm leaving early tomorrow morning! I'm sorry if you're sick of hearing about my Vegas trip, but you only have to deal with me a bit longer :) Today's Oh! How Pinteresting! will be Las Vegas themed! Get excited.

Vegas Here I Come!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

Here's where I'll stay!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest

We'll definitely party in a few of these.

Daytime will be spent here. And maybe at some other pools :)

I would love one of these totes for traveling, but I'll stick with my trusty Victoria's Secret bags for now!

A few adorable outfits below:

I have a black dress similar to this with a red version of that necklace to wear out the night the bride wears white and the girls where black!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Stress will be relieved... moves will be present...

Source: via Sam on Pinterest

....good times will be had and memories will be made!

Watch out Vegas here we come!

Even though I'm gone, stay tuned! I've got an amazing guest blogger tomorrow and Friday Fancies on...well...Friday :) 
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Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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