Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you really knew me...

Okay so I know that this has been going around the blog world and that everyone is doing it, but I feel like it really is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers! I've gained a few new followers over the past month and this is a great way to introduce myself just a little better! So here's a bit about me!

If you really knew me...

**You'd know that I love to run. I run multiple half marathons each year and I'm training for my first full!

**You'd know that I am a family girl. I'm super close to all of my family and my in-laws. My mom and sister are my best friends.

**You'd know that I love to sing. I didn't say I was good at it, but I love it. All the time.

**You'd know that I've moved at least once every year (often in the same city) since I graduated from high school in 2005. I'm hoping to settle in Houston since we bought a house!

**You'd know that I adopted my little pup Maggie last January right after I moved to Pittsburgh.

**You'd know that I have a special voice for my dog so that she can speak and share her opinions. She's very opinionated.

**You'd know that I cheered competitively for 10 years. I miss it SO much.

**You'd know that broccoli is my favorite food. Next is peanut butter followed by ice cream.

**You'd know that I am a certified group exercise instructor looking to get into personal training. Fitness is my passion.

**You'd know that I am an obsessive neat freak and probably have a bit of OCD. No big deal.

**You'd know that I am terrified of scary movies and I refuse to even watch the previews. I haven't seen a scary movie since The Ring which was traumatizing.

**You'd know that it seems like I'm allergic to everything.

**You'd know that I'm obsessed with Disney and Pixar movies. I know practically all the words to all the songs. Cue I love to sing.

**You'd know that I love to travel. The hubs and I went to Barcelona for our honeymoon and are planning a Euro trip for next Spring - hello London, Paris and Bordeaux!

So do you really know me? I guess you do now! What do I need to know about you? Share some random facts! I love to get to know my readers/friends!

I hope y'all have a fantastic Tuesday! This girl is working from home and planning to get a lot done. Productivity! In order to do that, I suppose I should wrap up here. Bye now y'all!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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