Friday, July 6, 2012

Flashback Friday - My Person

In honor of my girl Andrea being here in Texas with me, I'm going to travel back in time and show y'all some of the most awesome pictures from some of our best times since meeting each other in February 2007!

WARNING: Photo heavy post ahead, but I promise you'll laugh!

Before I get started, I thought I'd share mine and Andrea's "love" story if you will. Andrea and I met in one of our civil engineering classes the first week of February 2007. Neither of us like the class or our major. We found that we had quite a bit in common and after knowing Andrea for about a week, I told her that we should be best friends forever. And the rest is history...but seriously we went to lunch that day and she met JP. Later that semester, I decided that I wanted to switch majors and I asked Andrea if she wanted to switch with me. She said yes and so our career change began. Then in May, my roommate-to-be bailed on me. I panicked and told Andrea all about it. She calmly said, why don't you live with me and my roommates? I instantly accepted and we moved in together August 2007. From there we had classes together, worked together at one point and lived together. We virtually never fight and she's one of my go to gals. Life wouldn't be the same without her. 

March 2007 - We met in a civil engineering class only 1 month before!
March 2007: I drew this is class for Andrea on a day that she skipped. 
May 2008: Roomies at my parents house!
September 2008: Fightin' Texas Aggie Ring Day! WH09P!
October 2008: Tailgating! Emily - Anne - Leah - me- Shauna
November 2008: I got engaged with the BEST girls by my side!
December 2008: Holler House Christmas Party - still trying to figure out why Anne is holding her arm up :)
March 2009: Visiting Emily in Corpus. We seem to think we have these great picture ideas that should really belong on the awkward family photos site! Julie - Me - Ashlee - Anne 
April 2009: Chilifest. I think this may deserve a Flashback Friday post of its own! Here are the 3 amigos!

April 2009: Easter at the Timmer's! Here's the Timmer gang: Anne - JP - Me - Matt - Emily - Amanda - Ben
May 2009: Set and ready for the Ol' Ags Petting Zoo crush party!
May 2009: ID end of year River Trip - Needless to say, one of my favorite pictures ever!

September 2009: Matt's football game! As you can see Andrea is an integral part of our family!
November 2009: My bridal shower. We're awesome.
November 2009: With Daddy Timmer after our very first half marathon!
December 2009: Official graduates of Texas A&M University
April 2010: My wedding case you couldn't tell...
July 2010: America, Freedom, Guns and Beer
August 2010: Hanging out with Jack. Jack Daniels that is.
April 2011: Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh when Anne came for Easter!
November 2011: Rock 'n Roll San Antonio take 3
February 2012: Disney Princess trip! This may be one of my favorite pics of the weekend :)
We've graduated from college, gotten big girl jobs, traveled the US {All over Texas, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Huntsville, Vegas, Disney World and more to come!}, gotten married, conceived a child {I'm waiting for you little Charlie} and grown together. Here's to many more years, pictures and adventures together!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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