Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Football Frenzie and Bama Blast!

Happy May! May?!? When did it become May? I promise April just began! I'll start out this post by saying happy birthmonth to my momma and my husband! Two wonderful and very important people in my life born just 5 days {and several years, but who's counting} apart!

I want to rewind to this past Thursday and recap the hubs and I's Texans Draft Party adventure and then update y'all on my blissful trip to Huntsville, Alabama this weekend!

Thursday night was Day 1 of the NFL draft. The hubs and I are huge football fans and while the Packers are my absolute #1...the Texans hold a special place in my heart and come in at a close 2nd.

We have a good friend that actually works for the Texans and he was able to give us two tickets to the Texans Draft Party on Thursday night! It ended up being a lot of fun. We got some freebies, yummy BBQ, football in the spring...it doesn't get much better. I forget how crazy NFL fans can be! Some of those guys are nuts and they came prepared. I didn't manage to pull my camera out too much, but here are some shots from the evening.

Houston Texans Radio announcers giving live coverage of the draft!

Go Texans!

Now let's move on to ALABAMA!!! I made it in on Friday night without a hitch. Since we didn't get back to Andrea's house until late, we ended up just chatting away until about 11:30 before it was time to pass out.

We started Saturday off right with Alabama's Largest Yoga Class! It was held at the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville which  was absolutely beautiful. After a little zen in our lives, we headed back to the house for a quick shower and lunch before heading out the Panoply Arts Festival. Since it was such a gorgeous weekend and only 1.5 miles away, we decided to walk downtown. Panoply is an art festival focused on enriching development and art education in Huntsville.

It was a very family friendly environment with so much to do for kids and adults. Andrea and I walked around, enjoyed the booths and freebies, admired all of the artists work and watch several unique dance performances. I even bought something from on the the art vendors, but I can't say what it is because it's a gift!

As seen below, the fact that some activities were for children did not deter us...

We're Harry Potter {in a British accent, of course}

We wrapped up our Panoply experience with some authentic Italian ice. We both ended up trying the mango flavor which was to die for!

After the quick walk home, we decided to rest our legs for a bit before heading to Andrea's dad's house to visit with him, her brother and their pup, Joey! We ended up taking Joey on a nice walk {as if we hadn't walked enough already} to go visit with the alpacas, goats and pony near their neighborhood. Clearly, they live a bit further away from downtown than Andrea! We had fun playing with the animals...I fed the horse!

Joey wanted to feed the pony too! The horse actually seemed to like her quite a bit!

All that walking made us hungry, so after we cleaned up...again...we headed to Monoco for dinner! Sweet potato fries, edamame and sushi...yum. Of course, I only managed to take a picture of my wine. I've got my priorities straight! We rounded out our busy day by renting The Help! I had never seen it, but I fell in love. Now I must read the book!

Sunday neither my camera nor my camera phone managed to snap a single picture...go figure. We kicked off the morning with ANOTHER workout...ummm hello...this girl knows me too well. I'm mildly totally and completely obsessed with the running trails in the mountains and we did the 3.5 mile loop! Clearly I loved it. We ended up spending the rest of the day shopping at Bridge Street {an outdoor shopping mall} and then seeing The Five Year Engagement at the theater! I must say...it was a cute movie! Super funny, kind of awkward and makes you smile. Next thing we knew, Andrea was dropping me off at the airport!

Such a fun weekend. I can't wait to get back to Huntsville! First, Andrea will be coming to Texas :)
Has anyone been to Huntsville, AL? Any travel plans this spring?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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