Friday, May 4, 2012

A Day at the Derby

Good morning y'all! I do love the sweet smell of Friday morning knowing that in just a few short hours, I'll have about 60 hours to play :) This Friday smells extra sweet, or maybe a little spicy, since Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow along with the Kentucky Derby which I have deemed Cinco de Derby. I am prepped and getting ready for our Cinco de Derby Party!!! Can't wait. Decorations and food have been bought. Most of the house has been cleaned and tomorrow morning I will be a slave in my kitchen and I'm actually kind of excited about that! Now I'm still trying to figure out which dress to wear, but with all the dresses in my closet, I think I'll be able to find one :)

The Kentucky Derby has long been known for it's fashion trends. Preppy blazers and flirty hats can be seen across the grand stands. Ladies have the chance to pull out their favorite dresses and make bold fashion statements. I mean take a look at these hats...I personally think they're amazing!

Now my hat is not nearly as fancy as these, but it's super cute and floppy. You'll have to wait until next week when I post the party pictures to see my actual outfit though! Here an example of something I would wear to the Derby or a Derby party!

A Day at the Derby

I am absolutely in love with the stripe and colors in this dress! They're fun, springy and bring just enough pastel to fit right in at the Derby! I accessorized with white and navy. That navy hat with the oversized bow is to die for! If only I had that hat for my party this weekend! What do you think? What is your ideal Derby outfit?

Now all we need is for the race to begin! I hope everyone has a fun and safe Cinco de Mayo - Kentucky Derby weekend! 

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