Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Derby Party!!!

If you don't remember, I blogged about my Cinco de Derby Party here and here. It was a little something I came up with to combine Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby which happen to fall on the same day this year! I swooned over Pinterest and the Internet for quite some time to come up with ideas, and I think I was able to pull off a pretty fun and classy party! I mean, let's be real here, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby are two very different holidays/events. 

Here is a recap in pictures of how the event went!

Fajita station pre-food being cooked

Recipe for my Champagne & Strawberry Cupcakes coming soon! They're gluten, dairy and soy free - but taste delicious!

Mini liquor bouquet - how do you like that hot pink duct tape? 

Drink station - We provided the margaritas and the other lovely drinks arrived later!

Some living room decor

So much tasty food - safe to say that we all ate too much!

Alison & Philip - Alison won the biggest hat award :)

Ashley & Tyler

Travis & Hanna Jo

This picture was too awesome not to post!

Me and the hubs! Lovin' him in his fedora!

Of course everyone had to take their pick at the Derby winner. Lucas & I actually won!!! I was super excited. I love winning!

Group shots were necessary before we got too far into the night! I'm impressed with my timer and positioning skills! I like the 2nd picture the best but it's kind of fuzzy...

Comfy clothes & drinking games commenced somewhere around 8-9pm. I ate too much food/ate things I wasn't supposed to and ended up getting sick. I didn't drink for a majority of the night, but I still played! We're playing Presidents & Assholes here - I'm the beer bitch, hence the awesome hat.

We didn't have anything to hit the pinata with {PPPP - Piss Poor Prior Planning on my part!} so we let Lucas karate chop it! Worked out pretty well!

Playing horse races with cards

Maggie enjoying some of Ashley's lollipop. Don't worry, Ashley didn't eat it after Maggie indulged.

The night ended with a lovely viewing of the supermoon. And by the night ending, I mean my night. I went to bed about an hour before everyone else because of my tummy and I had to be up bright and early for our Houston Dynamos 5K!

I think it turned out to be a great party! I wish I would have had more time for planning and I need to remember to put up some of my kitchen appliances for more counter space and better pictures :) 

Did anyone else have or go to a Cinco de Mayo or Derby party? Now I need to figure out when our next party will be and what the theme is!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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