Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Mondays Motivational: No Excuses

Monday, we meet again. At least this Monday is like a Tuesday because I have Friday off! Whoop!

How did your workouts go this week?

Last Week's Workouts
- 1.5 miles (8:45 min pace)
- 50 squats, 40 lunges, 30 sit ups, 20 burpees, 10 push ups, 10 judo push ups, 20 burpees, 30 sit ups, 40 lunges, 50 plie squats (8:30 min pace)
- 1.5 miles
Tuesday: 30 minutes on elliptical (3.65 miles) followed by arm machines and abs at work gym
Wednesday: 4.25 mile run - 8:32 pace
Thursday: 40 minute run/walk with Maggie (12:00 min pace)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 6.5 mile run - 8:40 pace
Sunday: OFF - I did go to the Shell Houston open and took over 20,000 steps. Not an actual workout, but I walked at least 5-6 miles at the open!

Today I want to talk about excuses. We all have them. I know that I do. Mine usually sound like this: my legs are tired, my stomach hurts, I'm really refluxy today, I don't want to wake up early, maybe I'll do it after happy hour. {Ha I'm funny...workout after happy hour}

I'm a big fan of the show Biggest Loser. I've been watching since Season 8. We're now on Season 13 and the theme is No Excuses. Each week consists of a new excuse that the trainers try to help the contestants prove wrong. Eliminating the excuses each week leads to...No Excuses! Some of the examples are:
  • I don't have a gym membership: Trainers show the contestants workouts that can be done outside and at home! There are so many exercises that can be done using only your body weight or just a couple of hand weights. 50 Body Weight Exercises you can do anywhere!
  • Exercising isn't fun: One trainer take his team to Zumba class and the other on a mountain bike trail ride. As a group exercise instructor, I am a huge fan of group classes and think they are a blast!
  • I can't lose weight on vacation: The contestants get a week in Hawaii to prove that you can indeed lose weight on vacation. Healthy eating choices don't need to stop on vacation. Sure you can splurge every once in a while, but no need to over eat at every meal. You can also incorporate tons of fun activities whether it be walking instead of taking a cab, partaking in a fun adventure excursion or surfing at the beach!
  • I lack self control: If you know you lack it, do something about it? Self control is mental. It's about making good choices and lower the amount of bad choices and temptations in your life!
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a Biggest Loser advocate or push the show. In fact, this season is by far the worst and it's disappointing how many excuses have come up in the season of "no excuses." Not only that, but they have completely lost the true meaning of the journey and have let the show and the game take over their priorities.

That being said, we need to try to take excuses out of our life. That is one thing I am going to aim for! Whether it be fitness related or not, excuses are just a cop out. Make it a goal to use less excuses. Speaking of goals, last week, I set a few goals for myself. I think I did pretty good!
  • Work out 1 morning a week: Wednesday morning run
  • Use my office building gym: Tuesday evening workout
  • Run 12 miles: Totaled 17 this week!
  • Eat less sugar: I succeed with the 1 treat a day for 3 days. still need some work!
Not too shabby! How did you do with your goals? Any thoughts on excuses and how they can be harmful in your life?

One last thing before I's a Kick A$$ April workout plan. Come on and follow along!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Good for you Amy! I really need to step it up myself and stop with the excuses. I do love those pins on Pinterest though I hardly pin them myself, because I've been often thinking of them when I try to get out of it.

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