Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinterest and Love

Another Wednesday has decided to come along! I'm not going to lie...I wish I was Friday though :) Don't we all. As usual, I'm linking up with two awesome girls, Jamie and Michelle, for What I'm Loving and Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday! These link ups just make my heart happy, plus reading others posts always puts me in a good mood too!

I'm loving that Spring has officially sprung!

I'm loving the Barnaby's/Biggest Loser date the hubs and I had last night after happy hour with some of his old co-workers! My grilled salmon was so yummy, but I think I ate too much because I ended up with a tummy ache while watching Biggest Loser.

I'm loving that The Hunger Games movie is coming out THIS FRIDAY!

Jealous? Want one? Go here
I'm loving James and Meghan {two college friends}! They're getting married this Saturday!!!

I'm loving that the wedding above means that I will get to see all my friends and we can go see The Hunger Games together on Sunday while recovering!

I'm loving Miss Maggie's new big girl collar and tags! Maggie says thanks for my awesome new tags Aunt Julie!

I'm loving that yesterday's awful rain should be gone today! Then sunshine for the next week! Let's hope the weather man is right. I need to get some sun...I'm a little see through since I didn't get Spring Break or anything :)

I'm loving my Pinterest finds!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Pastels for Spring!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Love stripes and maxis!

Hello yum! I think I'm in peanut butter Heaven!

I made this for breakfast yesterday morning! It's it!

Maybe I'll make these to go with the dip one weekend!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

The two above will be on my dinner list for next week!

Hoping to make these for the fam this Easter! We'll see if I get around to it :)

I'm loving my wonderful husband! I'm so glad that I got to spend ALL of last weekend with him and I'll get to do it again the next THREE weekends. I'm going to get spoiled!

One of our engagement pics taken in September 2009 - walking underneath the Century Tree at Texas A&M
What are you loving this Wednesday?

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. That mint dress is so prettty

  2. I pinned that mint dress too! And I love that winnie the pooh quote, so so sweet!

  3. I'm loving all the sunshine we're getting- even though its tough to sit in an office all day staring outside and wishing I was IN it more ;)

    Those peeps with choc + sprinkles are so cute! I might have to make those now too!!


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