Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Hunger Games Day!

May the odds be EVER in your favor! 

Seriously though, happy Friday and happy official Hunger Games Day! No I did not see the movie last night and not I'm not going to see it today or tomorrow. In fact, I will be heading up to the DFW area {Grapevine to be specific} to see two dear friends get married. It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend...I'm so excited for them! That being said, today I have a HALF DAY at work! So many things to be happy about today :)

I'm linking up with Alison at {long distance loving} for the March Madness Edition of Friday Fancies!
Now I know that my Aggies didn't even make it to the tourney this year, but they have the past few years! I've done my Friday Fancies just a bit differently this week. Here's what some of my Game Day attire might look like!

By might look like, I mean what it does look like! Whether it be football, basketball, baseball, I'm all about a good game day dress! I saw this dress above on Pinterest and knew that it must live in my bought it! You can see me sporting it in the top left picture! It's not a full body pic though and this is the best one I have in it! Hopefully I'll be able to get a better shot come 2012 football season! Oh and how about that necklace I found! So cute and would look great with a solid dress or tee!

Here are some other game day dresses worn by my friends and I! The ones I am wearing below I made {all by myself}!

I'm thinking about attempting to recreate this one for this football season! I'm loving the lace at the bottom!

Do you have any March Madness attire? What team are you supporting in the tourney this year? I have Kentucky to win in both of my brackets, so GO KENTUCKY!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I need to get to work so I can get out of there soon :) Oh and did you see my Suicide Workout post yesterday? Check it out because it may be fun to do outside with the beautiful, warm weather we've been having across the country!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Love these photos! Those dresses are so cute! We are #54 in the list and had so much fun with this post. Hope you stop by our blog and check it out!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Game day dresses are a MUST around here. Are you exciteda bout A&M joining the SEC?? And we arent going to HG til next weekend..i cant wait!

  3. The Aggie women are in the NCAAs. Don't forget about them!

  4. You look darling and will be all prepared for if Texas A&M is in the brackets for next year. I hope had a good week and are enjoying your weekend!
    Twirling Clare

  5. Uh-o I have Kentucky & Kansas in my final game, only Kansas taking it :) Haha good luck!

  6. So cute - I am so jealous that you came up with something as fun as this! UMD wasn't even close to the action this year, so I'm jealous that you get to wear something this cute!

    Was The Hunger Games movie good? I can't wait to see it!

    Hope your weekend was fabulous!


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