Monday, January 9, 2012

Poppin' Bottles!

Time to CELEBRATE!!! The hubs and I got to hang out with so many of our dear friends that we haven't seen in forever which is such a blessing! Oh and did I mention that we are officially homeowners??? Yes, that's right. JP and I closed on our house on Friday and it's OURS{and the banks :)}.
Obviously, Friday was a pretty big day for JP and I. We were completely finished with our closing by 3:45pm, so we were even luckier because we got off early on a Friday! Whoop! Clearly with our good luck we would be poppin' bottles on Friday night to CELEBRATE! After the closing we hurried back to Sugar Land to shower and get ready to head back downtown to meet up with Leah for drinks, dinner and going out!

We met at Anvil {known for their interesting drinks} off of Westheimer for a pre-dinner drink. Leah's mom was in town and was able to join us as well! After drinks, we drove over to our house, dropped off the cars and walked over to Barnaby's Cafe for dinner. I absolutely love that there are so many restaurants for that we can walk to! A lot of new food for us to try! Dinner was delicious and definitely included a bottle of wine. Then we went back to the house to get ready for the night!

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Official homeowners! We took this when we stopped by the house right after closing!
  2. Toasting to our new home with Champagne from Leah and her momma. {I clearly hadn't really done my hair at this point. Don't judge me.}
  3. Leah and I all ready for a night out in Houston!
  4. Our new Tiffany & Co. wine/champagne chiller from our amazing realtor {Wade} along with a bottle of champagne and 2 flutes from Nikki & Cliff :)
After dinner, we changed {again} and got all dolled up for a some fun in Midtown. Courtney and Anthony met up with us before heading out!

Clockwise from top left:
  1. In the awesome hallway/tunnel at the first bar.
  2. Courtney and I poppin' bottles back at the house!
  3. Courtney and I in our PJ's clearly admiring my new casa :) There were about 6 pictures like this on my camera. This is the only one where we are both looking.
  4. Me, Leah and Anthony at the Red Door. Leah & I really liked the shiny, beaded wall.
We had an amazing time celebrating our homeownership and it was the last night I had to go out with Leah before she returns to nursing school in Lafayette!

Needless to say, Saturday morning was a little rough since I didn't necessarily plan on shutting the bars down on Friday night. It was worth it though. JP and I spend Saturday driving to Waco for our friends' wedding. Recap on that to come tomorrow!

Before I go, I wanted to update y'all on two awesome give aways! Michelle over at The Vintage Apple is doing her 1000 followers giveaway! Take a look here to see all of the awesome things she's including in her giveaway package! Meghan at little girl in the big world is doing an Erin Condran gift card giveaway! There are so many super cute, personalized goodies you can choose from!

Hopefully soon I'll have some awesome BEFORE pictures of my house for your viewing pleasure!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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  1. i absolutely adore that picture of you and JP in front of your casa :) super cute! and congrats again! can't wait to come visit!!


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