Thursday, January 26, 2012

Navy or Maroon

Slowly, we are making it to Friday. I wish today was Friday and them my Kristin would be coming to see me TODAY...but no...Friday is not today, it is tomorrow. I guess that's okay becuase I really need to get some work done in the house since I got absolutely NOTHING done yesterday. Seriously, I got off work later than anticipated, drove in the rain to spend far too much time in Target, got home STARVING, had a glass of wine, made dinner {for one}, ate, collapsed on the couch while Maggie tried to play tug-o-war with me and proceeded to pass out at 8:30pm while watching a re-run of Toddlers and Tiaras. No lie. {P.S. Kristin I PROMISE I'll call you today...sorry I'm a jerk.}

Anyways...on to what I really want to talk about today. I need some help. I can't decide exactly how I want to decorate my downstairs guest bathroom. Today it is white...very white. It's crisp and clean with no decoration except for a "G" towel hook which is also white. When my parents came over this weekend, my mom mentioned that it would look pretty with navy as the accent color and potentially some nautical details. I loved this idea. Then she threw me for a loop and decided to give me another idea. The entry way to our home is kind of Texan and rustic with a sign that says 'Howdy Y'all', hooks that say Howdy, a 'Welcome to the Gougler's' sign on a piece of wood from the rodeo, you get the picture. Her new idea was to continue this theme into the bathroom and use maroon {Texas A&M} as the accent. Any thoughts?

Here is what the bathroom looks like today:

On the opposite wall is a white medicine cabinet. The white 'G' hook is now to the left of the mirror.

It's a pretty simple space, but I definitely want to spice it up. Now let's talk about my NAVY ideas:

{Source} I could paint the walls navy or leave them white!

{Source} Decorative navy {possibly nautical} towels over the rack above the toilet
{Source} I would find some art for the large wall and I like the wicker basket with rolled towels for on top of the cabinet I intend to buy!

 Now on to MAROON:

{Source} I like the wrought iron and the Texas Star. I would add in some Aggie decor.
{Source} We would definitely need a new piece of Benjamin Knox's Aggie artwork!
I would have decorative maroon accent towels along with some wroght iron/Texas Aggie artwork. It would not be overly Texas just a little country chic similar to our entry way.

Here is something similar to what I'm thinking about getting for the bathroom to store towels and place decor on the top!
{Source} I like the idea of glass doors because the towels I buy will be either navy or maroon and the color will pop through!
Sooo...any thoughts? Navy or Maroon??? Nautical or Rustic??? I need your help. I like both ideas so I won't be offended if you dislike either. Any other ideas for what I could do with this space? I'm up for ideas! Thanks in advance for your help. I need it.

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. I vote for the Navy palette!

  2. Im going to go against hte grain and say I like the maroon/college theme. I went to Auburn and my boys bathroom is orange and blue and it makes me happy everytime :) I think especially if it is something unique to yall and a conversation piece for a guest, it is a fun way to decorate!

  3. I vote maroon/rustic. One because I love rustic decor... And if the entry of the house is already with that them, I think you should continue it! Plus, I'm obv. a fan of good 'ol Aggie maroon! :)

  4. My parents' master bathroom is navy with white trim. They keep it fairly simple between the two colors but then mix it up by adding bright bouquets of flowers in a vase. It looks sharp (picture that bathroom with bright yellow sunflowers, red carnations, etc!) I totally am pro-navy with this decision!!

  5. Difficult choice! I suppose it all depends on the feelings you want to evoke...

    I absolutely love the rustique trend - it feels welcoming and luxurious at the same time. On the other hand, since it's a bathroom, it could be nice to keep the colours crisp and fresh instead of muted and warm, so I'm leaning towards nautical on this one.

    (I'm getting really into this - I guess it's because I'm stuck in a tiny apartment and itching to redecorate!)


  7. Hey! I am just painting my bathroom and wanted to paint mine a dark navy like the one you posted. Can you tell me what color it is?

  8. Hey there! I am in the process of painting my bathroom and love the idea of dark navy blue. Can you tell me what color that is from your pic? I wanted to paint the small amount of walls dark navy blue, while the trim and tile is all white.

  9. Where can I get the navy and white towels?


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