Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love + Pinterest = Wednesday

Hooray!!! Hump Day is here yet again. We've lived to see another day and we're making it through another week. The sun is shining in Houston, Texas and I have PLENTY of things to be happy about. I hope the same goes for you. As always, this Wednesday I'm linking up with 2 lovely ladies: Jamie at This Kind of Love and Michelle at The Vintage Apple for What I'm Loving and Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I'm loving The Hunger Games Trilogy. I've been obsessing over the books and can't get them out of my head!!! I can't wait for the movie to come out in March!

I'm loving that my sister and Matt got to come see our new house last night and can't wait for my brothers and mom and dad to come this weekend!

I'm loving that the hubs and I stayed at our new house last night sans furniture. JP's parents lent us an air mattress and it was just perfect. There is just something exciting about waking up in your own home after being "homeless" for several weeks.

I'm loving that the hubs and I are going to pick out paint colors for our house today and start painting on Friday!

I'm loving southeast Texas weather. What I thought was cold before moving to Pittsburgh feels great now that I've lived up north! I'm definitely enjoying the warmer days of January.

I'm loving that the Aramco Houston Half Marathon is this Sunday! I'm really just looking to beat last year's time which was 2:04:45 which is also my worst half marathon time. I blame it on the fact that it rained the entire race and that my feet felt like bricks! Since training hasn't been up to my usual standards and allergies have been rough, I'm not looking to set any records, just have FUN!

I'm loving that next month is the Disney Princess Half Marathon with Julie and Andrea and my Emma Roo may be coming too! Count down begins at T minus 44 days until we're at Disney World!

I'm loving all of my super awesome Pinterest finds!

Need to remember this after a long day at work!

I pinned this forever ago, but now I'm excited because I'm really going to do it!

I'm in the market for a fun accent chair for my living room!

I'm clearly craving breakfast food and blueberries!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I just got a new light pink blazer!

Love these

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

In case you needed something to make you smile :)

I'm loving my amazing family, supportive friends, adorable puppy and perfect husband, all of which I don't know what I would EVER do without. Thanks to everyone for helping us make it through the past stressful month and making my life so fun!

JP, Maggie and I at Pup Night at the Park last August!
 Well seeing as though I'm in an excellent mood this morning, I seem to be loving A LOT! Anything in particular that you're loving today? Don't forget to link up!

Side Note: My very first giveaway is coming up on January 16th which marks my first blog-iversary! Follow me so you'll be able to enter...stay tuned :)

 Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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