Friday, December 16, 2011

Sparkle & Shine

This time of year is perfect for dressing up. Holiday parties, company parties, new year's parties...they all give you the ability to go above and beyond your usual attire. Another special bit that the holidays bring is sparkle and shine. Let's be honest, these days, most young, fashionable women are looking for the perfect 'SPARKLE' dress to wear for New Year's Eve. We've all googled 'sparkly dresses'{or at least I think we have...don't judge me :)} and ogled over dress that are far above our price range. I guess that's the beauty of Friday Fancies. Who said it has to be completely feasible? I'm linking up with Alison over at {long distance loving} for the Sparkle & Shine edition of My Friday Fancies!

This Michael Kors dress is to die for! I would love to have something like this for NYE! Of course, I had to go big or go home so there are plenty of sparkly accessories, but I don't think it's over kill!

Today is the big day!!! Moving DAY! I can't believe my movers are going to be packing up our adorable townhome in Pittsburgh. Everything is starting to feel so real. It's funny how that feeling creeps up on you even though you know it's coming. Maria came over for about 3 1/2 hours last night and we ran around the house like fools while drinking wine and carrying around my Mac listening to Christmas music. We also packed up the bathrooms, painted all the walls where JP had plastered over nail holes, boxed up the rest of the Christmas decor, took everything down from my shelves, drank more wine, had JP go get us food {he's the best} and loaded up the car for our big trip! Oh, I also managed to injure my right pointer finger and bled all over the wall while trying to take down this:

I made this in March and nailed the four outside corners to the wall. Not so easy to get down. Nearly impossible. I may have gotten into a little fight with the hammer. No worries though. There is no more blood on the wall and I still have a working finger :) I know y'all were worried.

Today should be a little better than yesterday. I'll just let the movers do their thing while I'm working away! Then tonight, Matt, Maria, the hubs and I are going to see the Christmas lights at Kennywood! Should be a fun and relaxing evening to round off a crazy week!

What is your ideal NYE outfit? Any big or fun plans for this weekend? I hope y'allhave a wonderful weekend!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. This outfit is so classic chic!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! ;)

  2. That dress is fantastic. I love all the sparkle in the accessories you chose, I totally agree that it isn't too much!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. that chanel polish is fabulous. happy moving! wishing you lots of good luck with it!

  4. Hey Amy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love this Michael Kors dress as well! I think you have just the right amount of accessories as well. Not overkill at all. Check out Express...they've got some fun and reasonably priced sequin dresses. I was looking at a few of them for NYE too.

  5. oh so fancy!! i love the sparkles of the dress and how it gradually gets darker :-)

  6. LOVE this MK dress! Oh, and those shoes are TO DIE FOR! Yes to all of the above! You definitely have a new follower!


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