Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday to all! I'm going to scoot out of the office in about an hour to head back to Pittsburgh! I can't wait to get back to see my hubby, puppy and Maria! Today I would usually link up with {long distance loving} for My Friday Fancies, but I would rather focus on something a bit more serious and dear to my heart. Today I want to reflect on an incident that happened 12 years ago to the day. A day that will forever be remembered in infamy in the hearts of all Aggies. Bonfire Collapse.

Bonfire is a HUGE Texas A&M tradition going on for 90 plus years. This is not just any bonfire; this is a bonfire that stands over 40 feet tall. It is always built in the weeks leading up the the Thanksgiving Day game against t.u. {University of Texas} and burns the eve of the big game. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Texas A&M family when the bonfire collapsed 12 years ago and we lost 12 Aggie lives.

Those fallen Aggies will never be forgotten. A Bonfire Memorial was created to honor their lives and reflect upon the Aggie Spirit. It represents teamwork, leadership and tradition and unites all Aggies. The 12 'Portals' seen below represent the 12 we lost and they point in the direction of their hometowns. There are 27 stones with bronze inlays to represent the 27 that were injured which complete the circle. The bronze represents the Aggie ring which is a common bond between all Aggies past and present. It is a beautiful memorial and tours are given by current students every November so that we will never forget.

To learn more about Aggie Bonfire visit
My friend Lia Joy has also posted a beautiful tribute that you can check out at her blog Life is aMAYESing. She goes into more detail and lived in College Station {home of Texas A&M} when bonfire collapsed.

If you have some time, take a moment of silence or say a quick pray for the Aggie family especially those to were injured, perished and their families. I know how saddening it is for me and I wasn't even an Aggie when this tragedy occurred. That just goes to show how tight the Aggie bond is. For that I am forever grateful. I love the Aggie family and Aggie tradition. This just goes to show that we can come together no matter what. I am especially proud to be a Texas A&M Aggie today.

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With love and God bless,

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