Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from my little banana!!!

I'm sick and don't have much energy to write tonight :( I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloweekend and Halloween! Hopefully I'll have the energy to recap everyone on my fun {until I got sick} weekend!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,


  1. Love the Banana costume...what were you? A Gorilla with a banana on a leash ? LOL I hope you feel better soon!

  2. @Deb WalterHaha a gorilla would have been funny! Yesterday I was nothing but a sick girl in her PJs! On Saturday I was pink and black angel though!

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  4. Awhh I luv your pooches Halloween costume...I have a Min Pin and she won't let me dress her. I tried 2 yrs ago, she dissapearead for 30mins while I was on the phone then came back wearing nothing so I fugured I go find it an put it back on! It was in pieces on my bed. She shredded that pumpkin costume. What can I say she don't play dress up! ,,,,,lol! Ohhh if you love winning free hair, jewelry, and clothing accessories, as well as clothing drop by my blog. All u have to do is become a follower, and comment on all and any blog you'd wanna win a prize from! You don't pay a penny just follow and comment that's all. The companies, boutiques, handcrafted etsy stores, e-stores, and more. Put up prizes for the blog followers!! Check it out!! I'd love to see new members. The more members, the better the handcraft, sew, bead & wire sculpt, as well as bead at a very high level with some of the most adorable stuff for all ages gals and guys!!
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    Plus I posted 2 new blogs with in the past 8 days!!
    1 for Indie Wear, and another for Little ones and mommies!!
    Hope to see ya around, I love your blog!


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