Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and are fully refreshed to take on this new week!

Friday JP surprised me around 8am when he called and asked if I wanted to go to the Pirates game that night. We were looking at something fun to do together, so this was absolutely perfect. To top it all off, the tickets were for the same club level seats that we received a few weeks ago! A group of people at JP's office get season tickets and split them amongst themselves. It looks like JP and I are getting the great end of this deal! We've gone to two games for free! Since the game was at 7:05pm, we decided that it was too early to eat dinner before and too late to eat after, so ballpark food it was! I was very pleased to see a grilled chicken sandwich on the menu at the stadium! It came on a wheat bun too! I think it's great that places like PNC park are started to offer healthier options! I also decided to have a glass of wine (or two!) while watching the Pirates get their butts kicked by the Marlins :)

I saw this while walking over the bridge to get to the game. It amazes me how I am in awe of God's wonders every day.

Awesome seats!

Me and the hubs enjoying a night at the ball park!

You me my glass of wine, I'll be your shot of whiskey! ~ Blake Shelton

After the game, we met up with Maria and her family for a drink at Cadillac Ranch since they were in town! JP and I met her momma back in May, so it was great to meet her daddy and one of her brothers as well!

Saturday was a great day! I was super proud of myself for sleeping in until 9:00am! I think it helped that I didn't go to bed until around 1:00am, but it was a feat nonetheless. After breakfast and some playtime with Maggie, JP and I decided to go to the outlets! JP's jeans are getting pretty worn and with fall quickly approaching, he needed a new pair. I also wanted to raid the Nike Outlet and the Kitchen Store! JP and I both got a few things at Nike including a dry fit shirt for JP and a racer back top and some running capris (on sale for $15!) for me! We got some of our favorite specialty barbecue sauce and some mixes for tasty treats at the Kitchen Store. No actual kitchen gadgets this time around...not sure where we would put them anyways! JP also found some new jeans that he liked! {Thank goodness, it's so hard to get him to buy clothes for himself!} Once we finally ventured home, Miss Maggie was ready to get out of her kennel and play! We had a hyper, loving puppy the rest of the day. Since Saturday was one of JP's best friend's birthday {Brandon}, they decided to play some xbox games together and after I talked to Brandon on the headset for a little while, I left the boys to killing their terrorists. Meanwhile, I laid low and painted my new crate and read some of my book {Wuthering Heights}. We decided to have a nice dinner date night and went out to Olive Garden. Okay, so it wasn't that nice, but I had a $4.00 off coupon and a $20 gift card that had been in my wallet for ages! I even managed to have something nice and healthy while I was there!

Seafood Brodetto. It was delicious!
While the dinner choice was healthy, the tiramisu that we got to go was not :) At least we shared it!

Sunday morning started off with a nice 6 miler followed by our first flag football game of the season! We're playing in a fun, co-ed league and it turns our that our team is actually pretty good! JP and I had a great time playing and made some new friends! After we got cleaned up {the field was pretty muddy from all the rain}, we went over to Buffalo Wild Wings and met up with our friend Matt {also on our flag football team} to drink some beer and watch the Steelers/Texans. I wasn't really there to see the Steelers at all, but pretty much everyone else was! Since the Steelers got their butts kicked, it was not a pretty day in Pittsburgh. The Texans won though! The rest of the day was pretty lazy and I was so thankful to be spending it with JP and Maggie.

Reppin' H-Town in Steeler Country!

Matt and I at B-Dubbs

Mommy and Daddy were mean and messing with Maggie's Dumbo ears :) Love her, her ears and her alien eyes!

Worn out from long walks with mom and playing all afternoon!

No big updates from this past weekend really, but it was a blast and pretty relaxing! I hope everyone else had a great weekend and a happy Monday!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,

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