Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super Secret Surprises!

This past weekend I was able to surprise my baby sister and visit her in Corpus! I'm not sure how we were able to do it because with such a closely knit family, it's hard to keep secrets. I know that Mom and Dad both almost blew it at least once, but they were able to pull through and keep their mouths shut! Keeping this secret meant that basically I couldn't tell ANYONE, except mom, dad, Nikki and Cliff that I was going to be flying down to Texas. Emily was getting her TAMU-CC class ring on Friday night and her sorority had a volleyball tournament on the beach on Saturday. I flew into Texas Thursday night, we drove to Corpus Friday afternoon, back to Houston Saturday afternoon and then I went to Nikki and Cliff's engagement party Saturday night! I mean, it's my best friend's engagement and I'm the MOH how could I miss it?

A few months ago, I convinced JP that I needed to come to Houston this weekend since there were multiple big events going on at once! I have such an amazing husband that understands how much my family and friends mean to me. He is such an amazing person and I'm blessed to have a strong man like him in my life.

I took off on an airplane (number 10 this year I might add) and headed BACK to Houston on Thursday night where my daddy was waiting to pick up his favorite daughter, me of course, sorry Roo! I didn't get in until about 8:30pm and it's an hour drive from IAH to Sugar Land, so when we got home it was late for me and I was ready for bed. On Friday morning, I woke up early to hit the road for a nice 6 mile run! I love running this time of year (in the morning) in Houston and took full advantage of it. After a run, shower and breakfast, I was able to start working at my parents casa! Oh the benefits of working for an IT company that lets me work from home. I had a very busy morning, but since I had worked for nearly 12 hours straight on Monday, my boss gave me the okay to leave around 2pm on Friday. First thing once I was off was to head straight to the DPS and finally change my name on my Texas drivers license. We've been married for nearly 400 days (I mean, who's counting?) and I'm just now getting this done! I am however, officially, on all counts, a Gougler! After my DPS adventure, it was off to Corpus to surprise my baby seester! I couldn't wait. Daddy and I took Emily's car (she was borrowing Dad's truck) while Mom and Matt were in the Tahoe. It was a nice 3 hour father/daughter bonding time/jam session! Once we arrived in Corpus Christi, we met up with Emily at her future apartment complex so Dad could sign some paperwork. Dad pretended he left his wallet in the car and told Emily to go get it...but SURPRISE!!! No wallet, just an Amy and Emily was completely surprised and shocked so we both just started yelling really loud :)

Next on the list was for Emily to go get her TAMU-CC class ring! We all went to the hotel and tidied up and headed off to the ceremony. It was very nice and Emily walked across the stage like a champ.

Waiting for her name!

She didn't trip and fall on her face or anything of the such.

We did have to deal with these ridiculous hair dos sitting in front of us. They made mom and I giggle quite a bit. I took a picture of them on my phone, but it won't upload to my computer right now so instead you get to see Momma and me!

Mom and I watching the ceremony

Emily and the rents after the ceremony

Together with our rings!

Timmer kids minus Ben (he had to take finals this weekend!)

After the ceremony we went to a seafood place called Blackbeard's which was delicious! I had grilled tilapia, steamed veggies and (here's the killer) french fries. We also had oysters as an appetizer. Now, I'm not a big fan of seafood or anything with a weird texture, but I did try them. I tasted more of the cracker and hot sauce then the oyster itself and it had the texture of snotty boogers...not on the top of my favorite foods list this week let's just say. After dinner I told Emily that I was going to have a sleep over at her place. Emily just loves snuggling me all night long :)

Ring Power! Emily and her friend Emily after dinner at Blackbeard's!

The family! We're all matching...we obviously planned this for picture taking purposes :) Not.

Saturday was supposed to be the bid philanthropy volleyball tournament for Emily's sorority to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. While there was no rain, there was also no sun. A volleyball tournament can be held without sun, but not with 1,000 mile per hour winds that were whipping the sand into your skin and blowing the nets down! Since Emily is the president, she had to make an executive decision and they decided to cancel the tournament. It was kind of a bummer and caused a wee bit of drama, but everything worked out in the end. I'm pretty sure that most of the teams that had signed up to play in the tourney didn't ask for their money back so all the proceeds still went to St. Jude's! Around 1pm we decided to grab some lunch and then get back on the road because we had to be back in Houston for Nicole and Cliff's engagement party!

I made it Nikki's parents house about an hour before the party started. Who said you have to be fashionably late? I believe in fashionably early. It was nice getting their early though because I got to spend some time with Nikki before she was overwhelmed by the mass amounts of people that came over to celebrate her and Cliff's engagement! Luckily, I was able to see so many people that I haven't seen in the past few months and I met several of Nikki's friends from work and law school that she had talked about! Not only was seeing everyone so great, so was the food!!! They had A TON of crawfish and fajitas...oh how I miss Texas food! It was the perfect food to enjoy while I was down south and JP was incredibly jealous.

Nikki had a photographer come by to take some additional pictures of her and Cliff before the party and luckily I was able to get in on some of those. Okay, well, not with her and Cliff, but we did take some with Nikki and I as well as Nikki, Katrina (Nic's cousin and other MOH) and I!

Nikki and her MOH's

Since I got to the party early, it only seemed fitting for me to stay late. That is until the end, then I spent the night. This meant that Nicole and I had to hang out on Sunday! We went to Bob's Tacos for breakfast which is this amazing hole in the wall Mexican/Taco restaurant in Richmond. Then we headed out to Katy/Cinco Ranch area for a little Sunday afternoon shopping. It was a nice relaxing morning after a late night.

The rest of the trip involved being out in the yard with Mom, some more running, Matt's flag football game and working from home again on Monday. I had an amazing weekend and I am beyond blessed to be able to travel back and forth as freely as I have been. Granted, work does pay for most of my trips and JP and I don't just throw money around on travelling, but we do spend our hard earned money on what is important to us. He understands the importance and significance of these two women in my life. My sister is my best friend, she is my rock and I love her to pieces. Going from March to July without seeing her would have been painful and too long for both of us. Nikki has been in my life since middle school and we've been best friends since 9th grade. We seen each other at our best and worst and she is one of the most important people in this world to me. I would have gotten lost in this world at some points with out her. That or run over by a car or bike on campus freshman year :) Sometimes we make sacrifices in order to be there for the ones we love. In this case the sacrifice was being away from JP for a weekend and spending the money to fly me to Texas. It was a sacrifice we were willing to make and it turned out to be an amazing weekend. Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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