Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little bit of this...

...and a little bit of that. I know I promised a super secret surprise post next, but I'm waiting on pictures from two lovely ladies that will make the post more magical! I'm just writing to update everyone on a few things that are going on right now in the form of bullets (who doesn't love bullets?).
  • I'm starting to enjoy Pittsburgh! As I've told those who have seen me recently, "the warmer it gets, the more I like it." Granted, it's been pretty much raining for the past month, but I find myself venturing off and doing more things which make this place more enjoyable.
  • A view of Pittsburgh from the Duquesne Incline look out spot
  • My one friend in Pittsburgh, Maria and I have been hanging out much more often. As much as I love JP and Maggie, JP is a man and Maggie is a puppy. They are special in their own ways, but I need the female companionship which obviously includes happy hours, gym time and girl talk!
  • My current favorite foods are:
    • Plain oatmeal with a glob of peanut butter (sometimes a bit of Nutella too!)
    • Greek salads (no olives though, gross)
    • Chia power balls (as seen on Lauren George's blog: Fun, Fit and Fabulous!; these little suckers are so delish and good for you!)
    • Plain Greek yogurt with a packet of Stevia and some dried cranberries and a dash of crushed pecans
    • Panera Bread - it's not a food, but I love it. All the time, it's like I don't get sick of it! I know there are a lot of really unhealthy options there, but luckily for me, my faves are good for me :)
  • It's JP's birth month! Yes, I just said birth month. Anyone that knows me, knows how much importance I put on birthdays. His actual birthday is May 16th and he'll be 25! This is a big one, a quarter of a century! I'm going to make him a happy birth month cake this weekend.
  • JP seems to be enjoying his job. I say seems only because he is a man and sometimes it's hard to judge which emotion is being portrayed. He says that the earlier mornings are though and you never really get used to them, but it's nice that he's home early to spend time with his family. He's FINALLY heading down south mid-May for a work leadership conference! He'll be staying Friday and some of Saturday to celebrate his birthday and spend some time with my parents and his parents! I'm truly so excited for him to go home. His time has come and I feel bad that he hasn't been yet.
  • Maggie started intermediate training last week at puppy school! I wasn't there, but JP said that we are currently working on learning to 'heel.' JP says that Maggie is the smallest in her class, but one of the best. A few of the dogs flunked out and are taking it a second time around. Her friend Milli is there and has grown a lot! She's about 10 pounds heavier than  Maggie and Mag is a day older! My skinny little pup is growing though. She's just incredibly active which naturally gives her the metabolism that every woman would die for!
That's all that's really on my brain right now. The post about my surprise will be coming up next :) Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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