Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday JP!

Happy happy 25th birthday to my amazing husband!!! I love you a circle all the time, every day, forever and ever amen times five! That's quite a bit you know.

Since JP is heading straight for the airport today after work to fly to Houston for the week (it's finally his turn!), we celebrated his birthday a day early. Yesterday we went to church, had a lazy day, opened presents, watched basketball and went to a wonderful dinner at Grand Concorse in downtown Pittsburgh!


Birthday boy reading his card from me!

When we went outlet shopping last weekend, JP picked out all of his presents. I didn't have very many creative ideas this year and I knew that JP had some things on his mind. I got him new black dress shoes (as seen above), a white and red dry fit running shirt, socks for running (yes they are special socks and yes they are amazing and make a difference) and lastly a bright blue shirt from American Eagle (I got that one for him on my own.) I also ended up buying him a new toaster as a surprise! It's really for both of us, but he uses it more :)

Here we are ready to leave for dinner!

JP at Grand Concourse

The view from our table!

I had the tilapia dish with yummy artichoke hearts, tomatoes and spinach

JP had the crab stuffed shrimp with asparagus

Happy 25th birthday to my amazing husband!

The restaurant was super neat and very pretty. From 1900 to 1978 is was actually a train station. Once it closed down, it became a national landmark and it was turned into this restaurant!

Happy birthday again to my best friend, husband, better half and love of my life! You deserve to have an amazing day! Hope you have fun in Houston this week. Enjoy every minute and Maggie and I will be waiting for you on Saturday!

With love and God bless,
Amy and Maggie

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