Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Work Trip Home

How great is it that even though JP and I moved across the country, I was able to keep my job, work from home AND they even want to bring me back every once and a while! This is my second trip back to Houston for work. The first trip was crazy busy and I had to stay in a hotel during our sales conference, but this time I got to be at home with my wonderful Mommy and Daddy :) I am so thankful for them and blessed that they open their doors and let me stay there and bother/hang out with them whenever I want.

The work week was quite busy and I was constantly running around and in meetings, but it made it all worth it knowing I got to go home to my parents and of course, Matt! I flew into Houston on a Thursday and stayed until the following Thursday. This gave me the weekend to spend some much needed time with friends and family.

Friday after work, Ben's girlfriend Olivia came over for a girl's weekend! Ben and Olivia go to Rice University which is less than 30 minutes away from my parents house. Ben was in El Paso for the weekend for a track meet, so Olivia got to experience a much needed girls weekend with me and my friends! Friday evening, Nikki came and pick me up to go to dinner with her family. Thankfully, I was able to calm down my Mexican food craving!!! Thank goodness for Mexican food down south. This is one thing Pittsburgh does NOT have. Seriously, don't even Mexican food in Pittsburgh. If you can't make good queso, then you know the rest of the food is hopeless.

Saturday was pretty much the best girls day ever. It started off with Nikki coming to pick Olivia and I up and we immediately headed to the nail salon for pedicures! It's always fun to get pampered and catch up at the same time. After pedis, we went downtown to the Galleria! This was Olivia's first time to the Houston Galleria and she was able to experience just how overwhelming it is. Good thing she had Nicole and I with her :) Once there, we went to BCBG so I could try on the potential MOH dress that her cousin Katrina had tried on previously. I absolutely LOVED the dress. It's so pretty and I can't wait to wear it on Nikki and Cliff's wedding day. Thanks for not making us wear ugly dresses Nikki! Then we headed to lunch and walked around the mall a bit longer before heading back to Sugar Land. Once we were back home, Olivia and I put on our bathing suits and bee-lined straight for the backyard to soak up some of the afternoon sun. Pittsburgh has made me pale to say the least! About an hour later Kristin came to have a sleepover with me!!! We hung out by the pool for a bit longer and Dad made us some margaritas. If that isn't pure bliss on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I don't know what is. Well, I do wish that JP could have been in Texas with me. That would have made it more perfect. Saturday night, Kristin and I headed downtown to Luke and Courtney's to celebrate Kathy's birthday! It was so much fun seeing all of my Sugar Land friends!

Me and Kristin ready to go out!

Showing off our shoes in the traditional picture place in the Timmer house!

Me and Olivia <3 Love her!

Girls at Courtney and Luke's!
From left to right: Kristen B., Kristin H., Leah, me, Kathy (birthday girl), Courtney, Kristen H. (missing Kristin C and Abby...where are y'all???)

Happy birthday Kathy!

Leah and I with Cory and Aldo!

Sunday was a wonderful lazy day that started off with donuts that Daddy bought! Kristin, Mom and I sat outside looking at ads and enjoying the beautiful morning while Dad and Olivia went to pick Benny Boy up from the airport. I'm pretty sure we ended up spending 90% of the day outside and it was amazing!!! I miss walking around in my bathing suit all day long. It's way to cold up here in Pittsburgh, though it is slowly getting better. Around 4pm we went to Old Navy to check out some cute items that were on sale that we saw in the Sunday ads that morning! We all found some cute stuff...for cheap! Olivia got a really pretty floral spring tank on clearance, Kristin found a scarf, my momma bought me a pretty outfit for Easter (tank, shorts and sweater all on sale or clearance!) and mom bought some boxers for the boys for Easter. All in all a good trip to Old Navy which doesn't always happen. That night dad cooked some steaks and chicken for dinner while Kristin, Olivia and I made cookies!!! Texas cookies to be exact. Kristin had gotten me the cutest cookie cutters (for Christmas but I've been in Pitt!) of the shape of Texas, a horse, a boot, a star and a cowboy hat!

Some of the cookies

Hard at work

Can't you see how hard we're working! We had so much fun, but we apparently made too many cookies because we were starting to run out of decorating ideas!

College Cookies! USMA (West Pointe) for dad, Texas Tech for Kristin, TAMU for me, TAMU CC for Emily (the blue one), Rice for Ben and Olive and last but not least a bloody Bevo...boo t.u.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend. The next four days at work were CRAZY busy and I was so thankful to come home to my parents and baby brother every day. I can't wait to be back in my home state again.

Sorry my posts have been so long lately! I'm just trying to catch up! Things have been so busy that I am crazy behind!!! I will be letting you know all about my amazing Easter weekend with JP, Maggie and Andrea very soon! Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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