Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Update

Happy Monday morning everyone! I'm feeling particularly pleasant on this Monday morning for a few reasons. 1.) It's 65 degrees outside AND we're supposed to see the sun today! I think this calls for a nice LONG walk with Miss Maggie at lunch time. 2.) JP and I are taking an anniversary trip to Washington DC this coming weekend. We've almost been married for ONE YEAR already! 3.) I'm looking forward to going to Houston for a week on April 14th and then Andrea comes to Pittsburgh to celebrate Easter with us! I have so much to look forward to and after a pretty boring March (aka no travelling though I did LOVE my visitors), I'm looking forward to a fun-filled April.

Now onto the weekend update! JP and I had such an amazing weekend. On Friday we spent the evening working out together at the gym, then we went home and I made a super yummy homemade pizza and we played with Miss Maggie. Nothing too exciting. Friday's are our lazy days because JP wakes up at 4:15am every weekday so Friday is still a tiring day for him. I don't wake up quite that early, but I'm usually wiped out by Friday. It's nice that JP and I are on the same page so we can just enjoy each other's company on Friday evenings.

Saturday was quite the busy day. I woke up early as usual and made a breakfast casserole (Sausage Breakfast Strada) that I had seen Buddy Valasto (Cake Boss) make on his show "Kitchen Boss." I absolutely love Buddy but he uses a little too much oil and butter for me :) I cut the recipe down some since it's just the two of us and I used low fat breakfast sausage instead of Italian sausage, Silk Almond Milk instead of regular milk, a combo of eggs and egg whites, less cheese and less oil. It still tasted great! JP had seconds and he had it again on Sunday morning. After our yummy breakfast, we planned on going to the gym. I wanted to do about 30 minutes of cardio then take a relaxing yoga class. Well, our garage door decided to stop working on us and completely changed our plans. As we were in the garage trying to figure out what went wrong, I stepped in something black and sticky...kind of like tar. When I went upstairs, I tracked it up with me. At this point, I'm frustrated about the garage door and my carpet. I was really looking forward to yoga and it's now 15 minutes until the class starts. I planned on leaving an hour before! We were able to manually open the garage door, but decided to stay home and clean the carpet...then hand scrub the entire kitchen floor...then the counters...then I de-cluttered the kitchen and threw away A TON of stuff. I must say, though disappointed about missing yoga, I really got a lot accomplished! The rest of the day JP and I played Kinect Sports! What a fun game that both of us really enjoyed. The best part is that it gets you off you butt and you can get a pretty good workout especially since we played for over an hour :) That night we decided to go on a date downtown, so we went to this amazing Sushi/Hibachi place in Southside called Nakama. We had some amazing sushi and I must say that their dessert martinis are fabulous!

Sunday we decided to have a lazy day. Now generally I am not very good at lazy days, but yesterday I think I needed it! I sat on the couch and read some Pretty Little Liars books and watched movies until about 4pm! It was a great time for snuggling with JP and Maggie! Then JP and I decided to go to the gym. I ended up running 7 miles which I obviously needed to do after sitting ALL DAY LONG! After the gym we went home and I made lasagna! It turned out great I must say. We then retreated back to our spots on the couch to watch the Lady Ags BTHO Stanford and they did! That's right, Texas A&M Women's basketball are going to the National Championship game!

Sorry, no pictures this time around! I hope that everyone else had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to sharing all of our DC adventures with you all next week! Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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