Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend with the Ones I Love

I left Houston Thursday evening expecting one of my very best friends to be arriving only an hour after me. Unfortunately, Andrea's plane from Memphis to Pittsburgh (she had a layover from Huntsville) was CANCELLED!!! Yes, cancelled. Not delayed. Cancelled. The worst part was that she wouldn't be getting in to Pittsburgh until 3pm on Friday now which meant we would lose almost an entire day with each other. While we were initially upset about losing time, we had so much more to be thankful for like the fact that we were all able to travel safely and that Andrea would still be here to spend the rest of the weekend with JP, Maggie and I.

Luckily Andrea's new flight was able to get her into Pittsburgh "on time." She made it in at 3pm and we were SO SO thankful that she was here. After getting Andrea settled we decided to go to Houlihan's for drinks and dinner.

I love her.

We finished out the evening watching a little surprise that JP picked up for me while I was out of town...Harry Potter 7 Part 1!!! It was nice to just chill out on the couch just like we used to back when we lived together!

On Saturday, we started off the day taking Andrea to the Strip District just like we took everyone when they came back in March. We wandered up and down the street, had and amazing breakfast and Andrea got a Penguins hockey shirt! After the Strip, we went on a double decker bus tour of Pittsburgh! Oh it was so much fun. It was a hop on and hop off tour of the city.

It was nice to learn some new things about the city I live in and we got to do some new things...such as...go to the casino! I have NEVER been to a casino or gambled in my entire life. Granted, I'm only 23 and I've only been legally allow to enter a casino for 2.5 years anyways.

Just inside of the casino! It was actually pretty neat!

Once inside, JP headed over to the black jack tables while Anne and I hit the slot machines! I only intended to go in and spend $20 max on the penny slots. Luckily for me, instead of spending $20, I came out with $112.60!

OMG I just won $77.50 at once!

So proud :)

Money, money, money, money...MONEY!

We are super cool...that's why she's one of my BFF's!

As soon as I hit the $77.50 winnings and totalled $112.60, I immediately STOPPED. I am a sore loser and I wanted to come out on top and not push my luck. We met up with JP and went over to the casino restaurant to watch the Penguins game and grab a beer and a snack! We then had to head back to our bus stop to make sure we didn't have to wait another hour for the next one!

Waiting for the bus with Mount Washington in the background.

We finished out the bus tour taking in all of the sites and history of Pittsburgh. There's actually a lot more to experience then you would think! Luckily for us, the tour ended within walking distance of the Hofbrauhaus which was modelled after the original in Germany! Andrea spent many years living in Germany while in grade school since he father was in the military so it seemed like a neat idea and JP and I had been wanting to go.

Can you see us?!

 After all of our fun exploring the city, we headed back our casa. First thing we did was take Maggie on a super long walk! Poor baby had been couped up all day long, but she handled it very well and was so happy to see us! The rest of the night was spent cooking stuffed bell peppers and playing with the Kinect!

Sunday was Easter! I absolutely love Easter and it is my favorite season in the church (see why in Anxiously Awaiting). We woke up and went to the 10am mass at our church, Holy Trinity Catholic Church. JP and I love it there and it's only 1.3 miles away from our house!

We had to take Easter pictures!

After mass I made a yummy brunch of Cake Batter Pancakes (found on How Sweet it is) and sausage! After our tummies were filled, it was time for JP the Easter Bunny to hide eggs for Andrea and I to hunt...yes...we hunted Easter eggs and I am so proud of it. Momma Timmer also hid a Golden Egg in my goodie bag so it was almost like I found it back in Texas! (FYI -- my family always does a really big Easter egg hunt in Sugar Land and this was my first year to miss it!) JP was a trouper and cooperated so well just to make Andrea and I happy.

Just finished the hunt and showing off our loot...and our awesome outfits :)

Maggie hunting her eggs

Maggie had an egg hunt too! I hid different types of treats in her eggs and she got to eat her treats as she found the eggs around our living room!

The rest of the day was spent taking walks with Maggie, naps on the couch and movie watching. All in all it was an amazing day and I am so thankful that I was able to spend my first holiday away from home with 2 of the people dearest to my heart. We had an amazing weekend and as always, it went by WAY to fast. I'm now looking forward to the next time I get to see my Andrea. My next post is a super secret surprise and soon you'll all see why! Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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