Friday, March 11, 2011

Kind of - Sort of Spring Break

Now that I'm a grown up in the working world, I don't really have Spring Break...or Summer Break...or Christmas Break. Just 2 weeks vacation, 10 holidays and 1 floating day. Now I'm not complaining because I know that this is more than most people who have only been working for a year and a half. I'm just jealous of all my teacher friends and those still in school! Despite the fact that I don't have Spring Break, I'm celebrating a mini Spring break this weekend! One of my besties, Julie, is coming along with one of my brothers and sister, Matt and Emily, are coming to Pittsburgh tonight for their Spring break and staying through Tuesday! Tomorrow, my wonderful sister in law, Kate, is coming through Wednesday!

I'm incredibly excited to have company to share my beautiful home and new city with. I have some fun plans in store for them to explore Pittsburgh, get a feel for the culture, eat some yummy food and of :) We'll take lots of pictures to share with everyone.

One big positive for my incoming guests is that it snowed last night...AGAIN! Now, usually I would be upset that it's snowing outside and that it's March, but since my friends and family are coming, I am so glad that they get to experience this! It's still snowing lightly...let's cross our fingers that it stays through the night so we can play in it tomorrow! Here are some pictures of the snow from my backyard!

I love the way it looks on the plants!

To the left

To the right

Maggie is so excited about the snow! She was running around like crazy!

I'll be gone for the weekend with all of my guests! I can't wait to update everyone on our amazing "Spring Break!"

Until next time...
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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