Friday, February 4, 2011

One way to meet the neighbors

Okay, so several of you have heard this story now, but it's really just too good not to share.

Last Wednesday, I locked myself out of the house. The door to the backyard is through the laundry room and the lock is only on the door knob. The problem is that you can turn the knob and open the door from the inside even if it's locked! I knew this since JP had locked himself out a few nights ago, but it clearly didn't sink in too far.  At list point, JP and I had been in our home for 1 1/2 weeks! We don't know anyone and JP works 45 minutes away. This being said, I obviously started to panic. I had no phone, no keys and no friends, CRAP!

We are the 4th townhome in a row of 8, so we are right in the middle. It was about 22 degrees and snowing with at least 6 inches of snow on the ground and I had to walk all the way around in order to get to the front of the house. Once I managed to get me and my 10 week old puppy through the snow (Maggie LOVED the adventure by the way), I saw that our garage had a code. I started thinking of what the code could be...0504? We're house #504. Nope. Then I was out of ideas. We hadn't met our landlords yet so there was no way I would be able to guess what numbers were important to them. I turn around with a terrified look on my face and see two babies waving at me from our neighbors across the street. I'm slightly confused and then I see their dad walk outside and he asked me if I forgot the code. I immediately tell him that I actually never knew it and that I'm locked out without a phone. He invites me in to let me call JP. Well, JP works 45 minutes away and it's not in anyway reasonable to ask him to come home. Luckily my new neighbor friend, John, is friends with my landlord who works 10 minutes away! Thank the Lord!

Until our landlord got to the house to rescue me, Maggie and I played with John's 15 month old twins, who let's be honest, are the real reason that I actually made it back into my house that day! If they weren't so facinated with the window and the puppy outside the window, I may have been wandering around wondering what to do for quite a while. The boys absolutely LOVED Maggie so hopefully she will get to play with them again and we will get to spend some more time with our neighbors!

Michael, my landlord, came to the rescue and let me in. I must say it was a very fun filled and emotional 45 mintues outsie of the house! However, like the title says, that's one way to meet the neighbors! Now everyone can go and laugh and think about a) how lucky you are to not be locked out of your house and b) how lucky you are to have friends near by...I'm still trying to find some of those :)

Until next time...

With love,
Amy and Maggie (JP wasn't part of this story haha)

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