Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day...again

Well it snowed here again on Monday evening and all through the night. We ended up with a total of 9 INCHES!!! At the end of February, this is so foreign to me since, let's be honest, it's in the 70's in Houston right now! JP had to stay home on Tuesday since the plows didn't make it to our streets until 10:30am. I wasn't too upset about having my best friend at home with me all day! It made for a much better Tuesday in my book. Anyways, I don't have too much time and I just wanted to share a few pictures of my baby girl playing in the snow. Enjoy!

Taking a walk, as always, who wants to walk on the street when you can frolic in the snow?

Getting into something

She jumped from being scared of something in the plant in the picture above and fell down :) The rest of her body is still trying to catch up to her quickly growing legs!

I'll just sit here and chew now.

That's about all I have for now. Nothing too terribly exciting, but next week LOTS of FUN posts! I'm off to Disney in a few hours with a ton of super fun ladies that I am so blessed to have in my life! More to come when I get back :)

Until next time...
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

Monday, February 21, 2011

One Month

On Saturday, it had been exactly one month since we drove to New Philadelphia, Ohio to pick up Miss Maggie.

I know if seems silly, but I honestly didn't know that in 30 short days I could love something as much as I adore her. She is such an integral part of JP and I's family and life in Pittsburgh wouldn't be the same without her. JP and I were discussing the other day about how with her, it feels like we are more of a family. Our lives revolve not only around ourselves, but around Maggie who we care about deeply. We plan outings around when she'll be tired so she won't be so sad in her cage and instead of sitting around watching TV all Sunday, we'll go on a walk, out to the trail or to a park. She's so much fun to be around and I'm so thankful that I have her company each day when I'm working at home. It can be lonely only talking to everyone on the phone and through e-mail! If I'm feeling sad or lonely, she always cheers me up. She keeps up my energy and knows how to put a smile on my face, make me mad and drive me crazy.

We were watching cupcake wars on Saturday which inspired me to make some cupcakes to celebrate us having Maggie. For us to eat of course!

In honor of Maggie :)

The fam! She doesn't like to look into the camera. She says it makes her eyes look funny.

Being silly

Snuggling with mom.

On Saturday morning, JP and I headed south towards Washington, PA to go to the outlets! Outlets = already reduced prices. President's day weekend = even more sales. Outlets + President's day weekend = very happy Amy! I got some cute new tops and a new pair of running capris for when the weather warms up a bit and for my race at Disney this weekend!

On the way to and from the outlets, we realized that we're only 15 minutes away from home! How cool is that?!

Almost to Houston!

Welcome to Houston, PA. Cute little town. I wish I could have gotten some more pictures of all of the pretty houses on the hillside, but there were too many trees.

I thought this bridge was cool and it was just past Houston and my camera was out so enjoy. I like bridges a lot. Probably why I wanted to be a civil engineer.

One last thing I have for everyone is the 2nd piece to my basement workout area decor. It's a little bit different then I anticipated, but I think it turned out great!

I took my race numbers from a few different half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks and put them all together. Then I used my Runner's World magazine to find some inspirational quotes and phrases.The 3 main inspirational quotes are:
  1. Endurance never sleeps.
  2. Even if you're inches away from the finish, never take success for granted.
  3. When all else fails, start running.
It was way different then I had initially intended for one of the canvases, but I fall in love more each time I see it!

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a wonderful President's day whether you have it off or not. I was lucky, JP, not so much! Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

Thursday, February 17, 2011

After: Part 2 of 3

I meant to post this last night, but after a LONG, STRESSFUL day at work, I needed to be off of the computer. On the plus side, 10 months later, my last name at work is officially Gougler! It's about time right? Thank goodness I'll never need to change my name again. What a pain in the butt it has been.

Now what everyone's been waiting for...more pics of the house! Enjoy!

Welcome to my study/home office!

Here are somepictures of JP shoot and becoming the International Skeet College Champion!

To the left of the window are some pictures of my from my first half marathon. I've ordered some from the Hosuton half and I'll also get some from the Disney Princess half I'm doing at the end of this month!

My new desk! I love it! If later down the road we get a new desk for our study, this can be separated into 3 different pieces and can be used as two different desks and a side table. How resourceful?!

This is the part of the desk I work at each day. I love getting to look out the window :)

Storage side!

Our diplomas. They are centered on the wall just not with the desk, I promise.

This was an extra piece of furniture that came with our bedroom set. We're using it as a bookshelf and the drawers hold odds and ends. You can see that Ms. Maggie's kennel stays in here as well.

Close up on our joined rings picture by Benjamin Knox. JP's parents gave this to us as a wedding gift!

Guest bedroom dresser.

One side table.

The other...and yes that is the ring pillow from our wedding. It makes for a cute decoration.

More pictures to come of the guest bedroom. There were a few things on the bed and floor that still need to find a home. I'm hoping to finish that and clean up our bedroom for a final after picture post this weekend!

This is our bathroom!

I love my huge spa tub!

A place for all of my crap. The drawers and cabinets are just not enough space!

Love our double sinks and mirrors.


Fun safari towels!

This is the first of three inspirational quotes that I plan to put on our basement walls. This one is by Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. I love her and this is one of my favorite shows! After my trip to Florida in a week and a half, I'll have more weekends and time at home to finish up my projects! It's been a crazy busy past month and I'm looking forward to things settling down a bit.

Again, I want to finish posting pictures this weekend, so be on the look out!

Until next time...
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Houston: conferences, best friends, girls night, engagements, birthdays and more!

If you couldn't tell by the title, it has been quite the busy week! I spent last Tuesday through Sunday back in Houston. The "main" purpose of my trip was the Sales and Marketing conference for work. It was actually a very interesting three days and I learned so much! I was able to meet all of the sales executives and account managers that I bother on a daily basis and got to know everyone. As exciting as work can be, I have way more excited details and pictures to share!

First things first, Andrea Claire Soule came to Texas! I am so happy that I was able to see one of my best friends that I rarely get to see since we are so many states apart.

Andrea lives in Alabama and actually my moving to Pittsburgh put us all of 30 minutes to an hour CLOSER to one another! Who would have thought that moving up North would bring me closer. Just goes to show you how big Texas is and how terrible the drive can be :) Anyways, Andrea and I had a great time spending our evenings together on Wednesday and Thursday (since I was super busy from 7am-6pm for the conference). Friday I had a half day and we were able to do a little shopping for her birthday and scheming for Nicole and Cliff's engagement which leads me to the next exciting event!

On Friday, February 11, 2011 (2/11/2011), two of my closest friends Nicole Larimore and Clifton Valdez got engaged and I am so thankful that I got to be a part of it! So here's the story...

Cliff had contacted three of Nicole's best friends: me, Erin and Jaci. He had devised this plan to trick Nicole and on Wednesday night Erin and I worked out all the kinks and filled all the gaps. The plan was to tell Nicole that Erin won a "girls night" by calling into 104 KRBE and she wanted to invite me, Nicole and Jaci. The girls night consisted of a limo ride, a manicure at a nice nail salon and dinner at Perry's in Sugar Land!
How perfect right? Nicole totally bought it! We picked her up from her office and went to Isle PediSpa and got pretty manicures (on Cliff, thanks Cliff!!!). Then we got back in the limo and started heading towards Sugar Land for "dinner." We ended up taking a detour and found ourselves at Sugar Mill Elementary School which is where Nicole and Cliff met in 3rd grade. The marquee at the front of the school said, "Nicole, what are you doing for the rest of your life? Love, Clifton." Then Cliff popped out from behind (or somewhere, I'm not really sure), got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. I coouldn't be happier for two of the best people I know! We then headed over to Cliff's aunt and uncle's for an engagement celebration! Here are some pics!

The devious minds behind the wonderful plan!

Cheers to "girls night!"

Jaci and I at the salon.

Erin and Nikki about to get their nails done!

Friends since 8th grade :)

Pretty nails! Thanks again Cliff!

Little does she know what's about to happen!

Will you marry me?

Such a good idea!

With the bride and groom to be!

On  Saturday, I met up with Kathy, Leah and Janelle and we went up to do the St. Aronld's Brewery tour. Only $7 and you get a free 8 oz. souvenire glass, 4 beer tokens and a "tour." The tour was more like a monolouge, but the beer was good enough for us. 

Here's a picture of the really neat car that they have. I love tie-dye.

After the tour, we headed back home to get ready for Courtney's 23rd birthday! We went to Nino's Italian Restaurant in midtown then headed to Roosevelt on Washington! It was such a blast and I'm glad that I was able to see so many of my friends while I was in town.

Leah and I doing out classic squish our faces together picture.

Kristen, Me, Leah, Kathy and Courtney, the birthday girl!

I had a great time being back in Houston, but it made me miss my amazing husband and Maggie so much! I am thankful to be back home with them despite the cold weather here and the beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather in Houston.

Until next time...
With love and God bless,
Amy, JP and Maggie

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