Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Moving Day

Hooray!!! Our stuff finally arrived in Pittsburgh safe and sound. Our movers were absolutely fantastic and I mean that whole heartedly. I've heard horror stories about people's stuff being broken and lost or issues with the moving van, etc. Everything came back to us in one piece. Literally. Not one thing broken...well not yet at least. Everything has already been removed from the boxes, so now we kind of just have stuff floating around...mostly upstairs in the guest bedroom which basically used to be our "let's just throw everything we don't want out for people to see in there" room. Not a good room to have, but with such little space it made sense. Now we have this beautiful townhome with AMPLE space. I mean, I don't even know what to do with it all, but I've decided that's definitely not a bad thing. More room to grow and more space for our potential puppy to play (more details on puppy to come later this week **fingers crossed**).

Now without further ado, I will show you our 'BEFORE' pictures of the townhome!

 First thing you see as you walk in the door...Stairs! JP will tell you that I love stairs. In Barcelona on our honeymoon, there were stairs everywhere. There were also escalators, which we did not take. JP was not always too pleased about that, but stairs are an amazing workout and going up and down our two flights a day give our heart rates a chance to accelerate for that short period of time. Now that is definitely not a bad thing :)

 Head down the hall of the first floor and you'll find our game room. We'll be using this as a fitness/puppy room!

The always glorious laundry room...still working on getting the most important part: washer and dryer!

 Head up the stairs and to the right is our living room even equiped with a fireplace :)

Turn even further right and you'll see another set of stairs which I'll take you up in a minute.

Turn to the left from the first flight of stairs and you get to our kitchen. I LOVE MY KITCHEN. For those of you that had seen what I called a kitchen in our apartment, you will understand even more why I am in Heaven. I also am in love with the red walls. It matches perfectly with all of my kitchen utensils and decor.

As you can see, to the right of the kitchen is a lovely dining area. It's quite spacious which means we may need a bigger table to satisfy the space :) 

Now up the 2nd flight of stairs...

 First door on the left is the guest bedroom! The walls are a beautiful sage which will be perfect for the sage and dark purple decor I've been planning on! This isn't a great pic, but you'll see how much bigger it is once there is stuff in it!

Second door on the left: Welcome to my office! This is where I will be spending a majority of my days working from home. I'm not complaining too much. It will be decorated with all of our Aggie gear! Can't wait.

 The next door is the guest bath. While there is relatively limited counterspace, the bathroom is pretty spacious. By the way, how to you like that sweet wallpaper?

 To the right of the stairs you will find the master bedroom! The blue walls match our bedding which is another reason why it was fate for us to get this townhome. This is the right of the room...

 ...and this is the left! We each have our own closet (mine is the biggest of course) and so much space for our king size bed. Now follow me through the open door you see,

into the bathroom! Here is my tub, I can't wait to clean it out and take a nice bath in it. It will definitely come in handy after I run the Houston half marathon in less than two weeks!

Here are our sinks. I'm on the left, JP is on the right.


And last, but not least, our shower.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the new Gougler home. I look forward to getting everything put in its proper place to show you all the after pictures! I mean, let's face it, it's the after pictures that everyone really wants to see. Hopefully this will be sooner than later. I am a neat freak so I don't foresee clutter and stuff lying around for too long. Until next time...

With love and God bless,
Amy & JP

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