Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Monster Medicine Ball Madness!

Can y'all believe that it's almost Halloween? That means October is almost over. And that means that the holiday season is among us! I'm so ready to have all my family together at Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas. The BEST time of year by far. Okay so I've skipped ahead a bit. Back to it almost being Halloween. I've created a new workout for y'all to try using a medicine ball! And since it's almost Halloween, I had to give it a spooky theme. Monsters! Mostly because Monster and Medicine Ball both start with an M. And by mostly I mean that's all. Let's just get to the workout...

**Note: Don't have a medicine ball? You can just use one weight! Try 8-12 lbs!

Push Out Jacks: Jumping jacks holding the ball at chest level. As you jump out, press the ball out straight in front of you.

Jump Squats: Squat and jump using your calves to press off your toes as high as you can. Press the ball overhead as you jump up.

Sit Ups: Hold the ball while performing. You can make it harder by adding a Russian twist (twist side to side) at the top of each sit up.

Lunges: Step forward alternating right then left until you get to 30!

Push Ups: One hand on the ball and one hand on the ground, perform 10 on each side. Start with your knees on the ground and as you get better, work up to push ups using the proper form on your toes!

And there you have it! Simple exercises with a little something special to make it more challenging. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Happy hump day y'all!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Remember me?

Oh hey lovelies! Remember me? I'm the girl who used to come around these parts in a daily basis and kind of fell on and off the face of the earth. Don't worry. I'm here. I didn't fall off the earth. It's round! Not flat. Didn't Columbus teach y'all anything? Speaking of Columbus, did anyone get Columbus Day off last week? I didn't, but apparently many teachers around these parts did. I don't remember getting Columbus Day off when I was in school. We were robbed. Oh well. I thought I'd ease myself back into the blog world and catch y'all up on what I've been up to lately and by lately I mean the last two weeks!

Clockwise from top left.
one. Hot and humid long run. First half marathon is this coming Sunday!
two. Ali & Amy
three. We love Aggie football. Even if we really do suck.
four. Tailgating with my main squeeze

Legally Blonde the Musical...puppy snuggles...

one. Legally Blonde the Musical at Cy Creek High! It was so cute. Now I want to see a professional production. Stat.
two. Flowers for the Technical Theatre Director! So proud of Ashley for her first show!
three & four. Puppy snuggles. I just can't get enough of them.

Mother-Daughter weekend at Coushatta, L'Auberge and Delta Downs...

one. Stop one...Coushatta! Such a blast and I'm super thankful for their smoke-free area!
two. I love elephants.
three. Penny slots for the win.
four. My momma and me! She's the absolute best. 

...P.S. We both ended up big winners! And on the penny slots!

Check that out! She ended up with about 275 free spins! Say what? We both walked away over $100 up on the weekend.

Being a typical white girl and eating & drinking anything and everything pumpkin flavored this fall. From coffee creamer to M&Ms and fro-yo to cinnamon rolls. I can't get enough. And I'm not sorry.

So as you can see, there haven't been too many super crazy and exciting things going on. I have some other projects in the works that I'm keeping on the DL right now. I'll be sure to share as soon as I'm ready. Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. Not that I think any of y'all were concerned.

Fall is crazy and I've felt so unmotivated to do anything that involves my computer. I'm jumping back on the bandwagon though. I like writing on my little corner of the interwebs too much...even if no one is really reading :)

So don't worry, I'll continue to stick around. I've got a great workout ready for y'all later this week. You know...the holidays are right around the corner. Plus it's football season which is pretty much worse than the holidays! I'll give you something to kick your booties into shape ;)

Until then...happy Monday y'all!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Flashback Friday: Octobers Past

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Hooray, hooray, I love Friday. I love waking up later. I love enjoying my coffee. I love blogging on my couch while watching my DVR. I love productive mornings around the house. I love only working for 2 hours at lunchtime. Yup, I love Friday. You know what else I love? October. My birthday has now come and gone, so it's officially time for me to start cracking down on the holidays. Yippie! I know it's just October, but it's time for fall decor, the beginning of Christmas shopping, Halloween, cooler Saturday morning runs, more football games and everything else that fall and holiday season brings us.

I decided to take today to look back on my Octobers past. You'll see a common trend with things I happen to love a lot. Football...running...weddings...

October 2009

Enjoying my final semester in college. {I graduated in December!} Aggie football, fun times with friends, teaching lots of group exercise classes and only taking 9 hours of school!

October 2010

Six months post wedding and this seems to be the only picture I have! Of course this was a few months pre-blog. Luckily, this is one of my favorite pictures of my daddy and I. It kind of reminds me of this one...

My daddy and me...20 years ago!

October 2011

Another Packers picture, but this time we're actually at Lambeau Field watching the Packers kick the Broncos' butts! It was an amazing trip with my dad and baby brother. I'm ready to go back that's for sure.

October 2012

Danced the night away with two of my favorite people, Luke and Courtney! Isn't she gorgeous? Now if only they didn't live so far away in Denver. I guess all the more reason for us to go back up there again. Especially since we didn't get to see them last time!

October 2013

October is when marathon training season kicks into high gear! Long runs every Saturday and we're running double digits each week. For some runs, we can tackle some races like the Houston Half! Last year, it rained so hard that the race was postponed an hour. We were able to start once the storm rolled off, but it was still raining. Despite a much needed potty break and the rain, we still finished in 1:56. Let's hope the weather is in our favor in 3 weeks for this year's race!

And here we are in October 2014. October 3rd to be specific...

Thanks for the pic Ali!

And it's Friday. As we've already established. I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend! Happy October y'all!

When do you think Holiday Season starts?
What's your favorite part of October?
Mine is pumpkin spice lattes and football for sure!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birthday Shenanigans {+ a workout!}

Guess what? Last time I blogged, I was 26 years old. Now I'm 27! What? Yes, over the weekend I officially turned 27 :) I'm now into my late 20's and I'm not sure exactly how that happened. I started off my birthday weekend with an 11 mile run with my running club followed by a fun little "birthday party" at my parents' house! Of course it was Frozen themed...I sometimes wonder if I'm 7 or 27. No shame.

Saturday also happened to be an Aggie football game day, so everyone came over for food, drinks, swimming, cake and Aggie game day! The game was looking a little rough and was becoming quite the buzz kill until the end. Some how, some way the Fightin' Texas Aggies pulled through with a last minute win! That gave us all the second wind we needed to take some pictures and of course jump in the pool!

I have the best friends ever :) It's true. Kristin brought over some fun props for the most perfect picture opps. Thanks to my dad for being our patient photographer. I think we got about 30 pics! Here are just a few of my favorites.

And no birthday is complete without presents! I got some cute bags, lots of jewelry, perfume, gift cards, money and all sorts of fun goodies. Spoiled rotten I must say. Did I mention how awesome my friends and family are?

In honor of my 27th birthday I created a challenging full body, no weights workout for y'all to do at home, outside, or anywhere really! 

Give it a go and let me know what you think. My Monday afternoon class said it was the best way! My back and hamstrings are still feeling it two days later! I love being workout sore! 

Happy hump day y'all!

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Friday, September 26, 2014


Happy Friday lovelies! Can y'all believe that it's already the last Friday of September? Where did my birth-month go? Where did this year go? They say time flies when you're having fun. I've definitely been having fun. My exhaustion is proof of that. I'm planning to end September with a big birthday BANG and lots of fun is to be had, so hopefully it doesn't go by too fast! So since time is just flying, here's what's been going on at the Gougler's lately.

Lately I've been...

...watching my puppies play like crazies, Orange is the New Black, Tone It Up girls on You Tube, Game of Thrones and my usual reality TV crap on the DVR :)

...eating lots of grilled chicken, mashed cauliflower, overnight oats, Quest Bars, Panera Bread Thai Chicken Salad, lots of fish, tailgate foods, birthday cupcakes!

...crafting fun designs with some old t-shirts, burp cloths with my sewing machine, tutus for my Princess race and for a new business venture my mom and I are starting! More to come on that soon :)

...traveling to College Station and Dallas. It's been pretty fantastic hanging out with all those lovely faces below. It doesn't get much better than getting to spend time with your best friends every weekend! We also love how every where we go there's a Bucee's to stop at! for the Houston Half in October, Tough Mudder in November, Run Girl Half in December, Chevron Houston Marathon in January and the Glass Slipper Challenge (5K, 10K & Half) in February. Lots of running! I'll be tackling 11 miles Saturday morning with my running girls!

...working hard at the gym! Teaching lots of classes, challenging myself, pushing my clients and learning new things. I'm currently teaching 6 classes a week and sometimes more! By this afternoon, I'll have taught 9 classes this week! From kickboxing to strength and cycling to Pilates. Let's just say, I've been very busy. My alarm is still going off at 3:45am and I'm still crashing before 9:00pm. I don't love waking up that early, but as soon as I'm at the gym, I remember why I do it.

...playing around at my parents as often as possible. The weather has been beautiful and I love taking advantage of their pool. Moose loves the pool too. Playing fetch in the water is his absolute favorite. A few weeks ago, Emily found a Nerf dart gun and we've been playing with that a lot. Just call me Tris! {From Divergent for those of you who didn't get the reference ;)}

...loving life! Of course some days are harder than others and things are far from perfect, but all in all, life is good. It doesn't get much better than having so many people that love you, loving your job and having fun.

My favorite month is coming to an end, so we're going to go out with a bang. A big birthday bang! T-minus two days until I turn 27 and I'm officially in my late twenties! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to get up and move on September 28th for #ActiveNationDay! Share what you're doing on social media and join the movement!

What have y'all been doing lately?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


September has always been one of my favorite months. And by one of my favorites, I mean, it's my favorite. So many things happen in September! Running season is getting underway. My favorite season begins. And my favorite day is in September. September 28th to be exact. Obviously, that's because it's my birthday! As a lover of all birthdays, I super love mine :) This year, there is a little huge something dear to my heart that makes September 28th even more special. This year, September 28th is Active Nation Day sponsored by Lorna Jane!

September 28, 2013, post half marathon in Cape Cod

Active Nation Day is a movement created in 2012 by Lorna Jane to help women strive to maintain an active lifestyle. Lorna Jane will be hosting events all over the world this coming Sunday, where you can learn and take part in a specially choreographed fitness routine. Over the last three years, the women of Active Nation Day has collectively moved over five million miles together. This year will be the global debut of Active Nation Day and we're sure to move even more this year alone!

Hiking in Bergen, Norway

There are tons of ways to get involved:

  1. Join the movement! See if you're close to one of the many #ActiveNationDay headquarters. Here are a few: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Santa Monica, CA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, and more!
  2. Download the Lorna Jane app from your app store! It's free and there's so much you can do including activity tracking, delicious recipes, nutrition tips, motivation and more.
  3. Learn the #LJMove and enter to win a $1000 Gift Card to Lorna Jane by posting a video doing the dance move on Instagram. When you post, don't forget to has tag #LJMove and #ActiveNationDay. The move is super easy and will only take a few seconds to learn. Check it out now!
  4. Participate! Track your movement on the Lorna Jane app, submit your LJMove with your own personal flair, post your activity on social media tagging @lornajaneactive and #ActiveNationDay, and make new friends along the way! Become a member of the Active Nation Day Sisterhood and spread the word...just like I am now! 
So are you going to become a part of the sisterhood? Join me now and get moving! As a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, distance runner and lover of fitness, movements like this are so important to me. Let's join together, fight obesity, promote healthy living and just have fun! I plan to enjoy the cooler temps outdoors, take an easy recovery jog {long run Saturday!}, play with my pups and encourage my friends and family to do a little more than just sit on the couch and watch football all day. Just a little movement goes a long way!

Will you join me?!
What are you going to do this Sunday to participate in #ActiveNationDay?

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Marathon Tuesday...

...because Marathon Monday clearly didn't happen. 

Another week, another Monday gone onto another Tuesday and another day to tackle our to do lists! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was spent up in Dallas with my girl Kristin and my sister, mother and father-in-law! Aggie football was watched, good food was consumed and long runs were conquered. Now it's time to take on a long, busy week! Instead of skipping ahead, let's rewind to review last week's workouts!

Monday: Total Body cardio workout
Tuesday: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday: 3 mile tempo run {8:35 pace}
Thursday: 2 miles speed work + 1 easy mile + Upper Body workout
Friday: 45 minute spin class
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 9 mile easy, long run {1:24:35}

My long run was on Sunday this week. I really needed Saturday to sleep in and we wanted to run in Dallas along the Katy Trail, so we did. And by we, I mean JP and I. He's running the Houston Half with Chandra, Melanie and me next month, so I convinced him that he did indeed need to run all nine miles. Much to his dismay of course. As always he did a great job and helped me through my little rough patch when my lungs and I weren't getting along too well.

Speaking of not being able to breathe well...most of you may not know, but I have asthma. For the most part it is exercise and allergy induced. For someone who works out often, runs long distance and has crazy bad allergies, this can cause some issues. I meet a lot of people that say they don't run because they have asthma. I try not to let asthma control me and what I choose to do. As a competitive cheerleader in high school, I had quite a few issues, but learned how to push through. My cheer coach was really awesome and he taught me how to control my breathing, calm myself and continue pushing through. Believe it or not, the 2 1/2 minute competition routines were really intense and left me gasping for air. I'd compare it to intense sprints. Over time, I learned to control my asthma and not let it control me. That being said, here are a few tips for running with asthma!

1. Carry your inhaler with you when you run. I keep mine in my handheld water bottle pouch. Don't have one? Nathan and Ultimate Direction make really great lightweight bottles. I love both of mine and don't go running outside without it! Carrying my inhaler makes me feel more secure and should I start to have difficulty breathing, I can use it.

2. If you get worked up, slow down and walk. Sometimes I start breathing hard and get worked up while I'm running. This causes my breathing to become worse and sometimes I even start wheezing. I usually take this as a clue to slow down. Sometimes I don't and JP makes me. What would I do without him? Once I'm able to regain composure, I can start up again. I usually get a second wind and feel much stronger.

3. Pay attention to the pollen count. Allergies are usually huge triggers for people with asthma. When the pollen count in high maybe consider sticking to the treadmill or indoor track. You can also postpone your run to the next day, but as a runner, I know that won't happen. Instead, slow down your pace a bit and make sure you have an inhaler. **FYI: Pollen counts are usually lowest in the early morning!

4. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Sometimes easier said than done, but I promise it helps! Breathing in through your nose allows you to take deeper, more controlled breaths. In cold weather, it also keeps the cold air from cooling your chest so quickly!

5. Don't skip your warm up. Start your run with a slow, easy mile. Warm up your body and your lunges. This will help you breathe easier throughout your entire run. You may think that you want to save your lungs for speed work or tempo work or even the race, but warming up with help with optimal performance!

Those are just a few tips from me! Now, I'm not a doctor by any means. Just your average runner suffering from running with breathing problems. If you have severe asthma, be sure to contact your doctor before starting a running routine. Always be safe and it can't hurt to have a medical tag stating you have asthma just in case!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

Do you have any medical issues that interfere with your workouts?
How do you cope?

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